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DTV Answers: What you need to know about the June 12, 2009 switch to Digital Television (DTV).

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The federal government free coupon for a digital TV convertor ended on July.

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Congress created it for households wishing to keep using their analog TV...DTV Converter Box Coupons. The switch from analog to digital TV is not.Digital Television (DTV) is an advanced broadcasting technology that has transformed the television viewing experience.Good thing the government is late sending out coupons for digital converter boxes: there probably would not have been enough boxes in stock to meet demand.To Malick Sow, You will need a converter for each non-digital tv set.

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The government has officially redeemed more coupons than it could have paid for with the original funds set aside for the DTV-to-analog converter box coupon program.

When I received them, no retailers in my area had stocked them in.

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The government-backed coupon program has run out of money. The NTIA.

All eligible US households with a valid mailing address may apply for coupon applications.The Federal Government has resumed issuing converter box rebate coupons for the digital TV transition.Congress has. the requirement that digital television receivers possess full V-Chip functionality,.

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If you found yourself in front of a television during the holidays, you no doubt noticed a handful of new commercials focusing on the upcoming digital television.

Consumers should be able to receive new coupons within weeks to help defray the cost of converter boxes for the nationwide switch to digital television.

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You can order your DTV coupons until March 31, 2009, while supplies last,.A DTV DIGITAL converter box is an easy-to-install electronic device that hooks up to your analog television set and over-the-air antenna and converts the digital.